Meet Paul B Riddick


Paul “Pauly” Riddick is co-founder of Studio1337. Pauly was a freelancer working with technology companies for three years prior to founding Studio1337. Since founding the studio, Pauly has been responsible for the vision, growth, brand, marketing, Web design strategy and user experience design at all touch points, both internally and for our clients. He loves to constantly learn and explore new ideas, and he is a keen problem solver who willingly accepts challenges and inherits risks.

Having grown up with technology, he built his first Website in 1999. He has since worked with companies around the world putting his skillset and ideation into a wide-range of projects.

When Pauly’s not working, he enjoys writing, art, history, theatre, reading and he’s developed an interest in photography. He’s the crazy scientist in the shed, often coming up with ideas and concepts to test and build. He regularly acts as a climbing frame, a monster and plays hide and seek with his [wonderful] niece and nephews.