Rack911 is a knowledge leader in the Linux server management and security industry.

Rack911 came to us in need of a site that matched their level of professionalism, communicated their value and made it easy for potential customers to reach out to them.

This was the second site we built for Rack911, the first one coming nearly five years prior. The previous site was already a substantial step up from their Web presence at the time, but this time we wanted to deliver a more powerful, immersive experience, both for traditional and mobile visitors.

As part of this engagement, we structured the site around a value message that builds as the visitor scrolls down the page. When they arrive at the home page contact form, the message is complete. This presented very interesting programming challenges; all site effects were built by hand specifically to function the way Rack911 required.


  • Website Design
  • Website Coding
  • Responsive Design For Mobile
  • Content Management System Integration
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