Announcing The Relaunch of

Written by Paul Hirsch on November 26, 2010.


Most people don’t know this, but we’ve been hard at work preparing for a relaunch of You’d think updating the look of a site and keeping the site’s contents relatively similar would be an easy task, but we’ve put as much time into this relaunch as we put into a detailed client project. Frankly, we’re sick of tweaking this thing; it’s time to relaunch!

So, what’s different? For starters, this new design is much more visually oriented. We’ve done some pretty darned good client work recently, but we haven’t really done a good job of showcasing it on our own site. This new site is dedicated to our clients, with an extensive collection of portfolio pieces, home page screenshots, testimonials and new case studies all over the place.

It’s tough to take care of your own properties when you’re concentrating so hard on client work, but I think the new site launch is going to pay off. We’ve been looking at this new design for almost five months now, and we’re not sick of it yet. That says something, I think…

If you feel like commenting, by all means do so! Regardless, enjoy the new site and come back for a visit every once in a while to see what’s new 🙂