Paul Hirsch – Startling Confession: “I’m not a designer”

Written by Paul Hirsch on October 2, 2015.

Whenever client discussions turn to graphics and visual design, I’m always careful to stipulate that I’m not a designer. We have awesome, talented staff who handle design, led by the awesome and talented co-owner Paul Riddick. I’m not one of those people, and I won’t pretend to be.

Like any professional in Web design, I have my own pet projects and my own personal Web site. I decided it was time to give my site a facelift. And it rocks!

I’m not a designer (did I mention that already?). I just happened to create most freaking awesome Web site in the history of the Web. Check it out, and prepare to be amazed.

You know what the Konami Code is, right? I wrote a script to capture this code and deliver a payload. Maybe I’ll release it separately one day, but for now, feel free to give that a try when you visit the site too. Don’t know what a Konami Code is? Allow me to assist.