Transferring Money – The Best Solution

Written by Paul Hirsch on June 16, 2011.

Every so often, we come across something we just feel the need to share, for no particular reason other than people might be able to make some use of it. A few months ago, we decided to check out to transfer funds from one of our U.S. accounts to our U.K. account.

Previously, we were using Wire Transfers, which cost between $30-40 each, requiring us to be present at the bank to initiate the transfer (during their hours, of course). Each transfer took 20-30 minutes to initiate, and would take at least 24 hours to settle. – $4.95 for any transfer, 24 hours per day and fund transfer between international accounts sometimes as quickly as an hour!

We can’t recommend this service enough for anyone who needs fast, reliable domestic or international money transfers. Hope someone gets some use out of this 🙂