Branding is a Mindset: The Importance of the Big Picture

Written by Paul Hirsch on August 27, 2015.


In today’s world of overwhelming online content, social media frenzy, and waning attention spans, well executed branding becomes a point of familiarity for the savvy consumer and an essential for the savvy business. Design and ad agencies today are shifting from isolated slogans to the telling of engaging brand stories. Branding is not a necessary evil, but an opportunity to create an emotional investment in the people who make up a company’s audience and potential customers. The importance of a strong, cohesive brand informs every strategic decision a company makes.

Tom Foster, Editor at, wrote about the impact of well-rounded branding in reference to the Spades’ franchises for Jack and Kate Spade. Their wild success stemmed from identifying problems and creative solutions, rather than surface-level rhetoric:

Developing that identity involved making hundreds of decisions that don’t seem to be about marketing or advertising, but in fact, are essential elements of both.

Foster’s analysis of the Spades’ international brand recognition is akin to Studio1337’s approach to web design and online marketing. The relationship between a business and its consumers is much greater than a slogan or logo. It represents trust that the business will deliver on promises, something advertising can only communicate effectively through the strength of its brand. Consumers are swift and merciless when pointing out discrepancies in their experiences with a company and that company’s brand. Now, more than ever, businesses need to create trust with consumers. In return, consumers reward companies they trust with their business. This trust can only be built through a strong cohesive brand.

Branding not only allows those consumer relationships to grow, it informs a company’s financial future and pricing structure as well. Just like a story, a writer can’t start until he or she knows the ending. Branding is a much more powerful tool when a company incorporates its end goal into its current decision-making.

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