Design for Charities & Non-Profits

The best way to help others is to take what you do best and do it for those who need it most.


Investing in The Community

Each year, Studio1337 sets aside up to $20,000 in donated time and resources to non-profit and charitable organizations in need of assistance with their Websites and Online Marketing. In most cases, assistance comes in the form of discounts, and we will accept 1-2 pro-bono projects annually, based on need and availability of resources. We believe the best way we can help others is to put our talents to use for the benefit of organizations that make a difference in other people’s lives.


This offer is not limited to any particular type of organization. We do not disqualify recipients based on religion or religious affiliation, or specific type of outreach program. Our only criteria are that we’re confident our gift will be put to good use and people’s lives will be better for the work we’ve done.

Tell Us About Your Organization

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