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Branding / Copywriting / Graphic Design

It’s not enough to be experts in Web Design and Online Marketing. You need a team that delivers the supporting services which maximize the impact of your Website.

Branding, Brand Design and Corporate Identity

Don’t make the mistake of believing “brand” and “logo” are the same thing.

Logos are important, but they are only one component of your brand. Brand is your identity. It’s the embodiment of who you are and what you do. It encompasses your vision and values and the words you use to express them. A well designed brand influences choice, creates loyalty and reinforces your reputation in the minds of your customers. It makes your company memorable and it is a point of pride for the people it represents.

A logo without a brand is like a car without an engine. It looks nice, and goes nowhere.

We help you find your voice, and we craft the strategies you will use to communicate it to the world. We design the visual components that express your personality, and we structure the guidelines that ensure your voice and visuals capture attention and communicate your value.

We push boundaries and find new ways to engage your audience.

Copy Writing and Content Creation

Professional copy is essential to converting your visitors into customers.

There are few forces as powerful as the written word. Quality of writing is the defining mark of a true professional. Harnessing the power of precise, compelling copy is key to building rapport with your customers.

Effective copy writing keeps visitors on your Website longer and keeps search engines coming back.

Studio1337 delivers precision copy editing, and we draw on decades of experience to create unique content for our clients. We are skilled short-form and long-form Web article writers, and our wordsmithing experience extends to press releases, academic articles, campaign speeches, commercial scripts and much more.

Graphic & Print Design

Studio1337 creates captivating print pieces to complement your Website and build upon your brand.

Our clients have asked us to create a wide variety of print items, including custom stationary, brochures, business cards and promotional premiums. We have experience with complex print pieces, multi-page publications and reports, and we enjoy designing large-format print work for tradeshows, booths and billboards.

A positive visual image builds your reputation and influences the behavior of your customers. We design all of our Web and print graphics to reflect your brand and inspire your customers.

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